Creating an OEG Connect Account

OEG Connect is open for the world to read the conversations here; to participate in discussions or start a new one, yes, you will have to create an account.

You can do this by looking for the Sign Up button in the top right corner, but you can also create one if you reply to any message in the community. You will be prompted there to either sign in or create an account. Newly created accounts need to be reviewed first, you can speed up the process by filling out information completely on the signup form.

Along with entering your email address, desired username, and password, we ask for a few more bits required of information:

  • Interest areas in Open Education
  • Organizational affiliation

For member benefits, if you are affiliated with an OEG Institutional Member, please enter as it appears in the active member list. Once verified we will add you to the Institutional Members group.

Anyone who applies as an Individual member will have been added to that members group already.

Optional details you can add include:

  • Web address for your organization
  • Web address for Facebook, and/or LinkedIn accounts, a link to a name pronunciation audio, plus twitter or Fediverse user names.

PlAll of this information can be edited at a later time.

New accounts will be reviewed as soon as possible, so thanks for your patience while we process your account. You will be notified by email when it is ready, along with a few getting started recommendations.

For some special purposes (OEG Members, participants in events like our conferences) you may receive a special link for creating your account; this bypasses the moderation stage and it adds you to the appropriate group for granting access to special corners of OEG Connect.

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