:sync: Curating a Learner Centric OER course

Authors: Ajita Deshmukh, Sameer Sahasrabudhe
Institutions: MIT- ADT University, Pune, EMMRC, Pune
Country: India

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Workshop


The treasure of Open Education Resources (OER) available which can be adapted and re-utilized comes with many advantages especially in the pandemic situation and the new normal thereafter. Nevertheless, it is much more than merely putting these resources together or giving them out as stand alone resources in the teaching learning process. Rather, through the process of Curation, educators can create an enriching experience for their learners. The Learner Centric MOOC model (lcm-model.org) can be used to curate the content. Curation not only enhances engagement but also addresses issues like diversity, brings in contextualization and makes the online learning experience well rounded. The goal of this workshop is to empower the participants to curate their own learner centric online course. The workshop facilitates the contextualization of the curated content. The workshop will allow the participants to identify appropriate interaction points and bring in the Learner centricity in their Curated course based on the LCM model. Target audience: Teachers (from any domain) with passion for using ICT enabled strategies in the classroom. Structure: It is a 100 minutes synchronous workshop with two sections. Curation (40 minutes): Principles and stages of Curation and applying it to their own course. Adding Learner Centricity: Identify and leverage the appropriate interaction points.

The participants will be given pre workshop materials in asynchronous mode.
The workshop will be conducted by two Instructors along with two Associates who would engage with the participants through online interaction
Prerequisites: The participating teachers should have identified the Open Education Resources for their course.


Course Curation, LCM-Model, Contextualization of OER, Learner Centric Course


Sharing the link of a couple of my blogs to see the kind of work we have been doing together. Take a trip like Alice in Wonderland with this blog in docudrama format that talks about Open Education as a "different land" .
Do read another narrative of experiencing of collab and co-creation first ahnd. Would appreciate comments. :slight_smile:

A pre workshop quick handout here to ensure a tangible outcome for the attendees.
See you all at the workshop! :slight_smile: :star_struck:
OE 2020- PreWorkshop material on Curating a learner centric OER course.pdf (52.6 KB)

Hi Ajita.

My colleague Vivek and i am interested to attend the workshop. Wondering if the non-participants of OE Global could get to attend the workshop. In case, would you please jet me know how could Vivek join?

The workshop seems lot interesting and we are keen not to let go of this learning opportunity.


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@Help could you look into this?

Looking forward to hosting enthusiastic educators who go an extra mile to add Learner Centricity to their OER courses at the Workshop tomorrow!

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Thank you for your workshop. We’ve uploaded video of initial presentation:


Thanks! Hope it was beneficial. :innocent: