Delegations from Taiwan visited the US for more innovations in promoting digital learning and open education

A group of our delegations lead by Minister of Education from Taiwan had visited the US during May 8 to 15, 2024. The main purpose of the trip is to understand the remarkable efforts on promoting digital learning towards open education. The group had 9 delegations from Minster of Education and 7 universities in Taiwan. All of us are participating in a special national project called “digital learning alliance reform in higher education sector” (Digital learning alliance reform in higher eduation sector)
We visited College of Canyon (College of the Canyons – CCCOER), MERLOT(MERLOT – Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching – OEGlobal), Coursera, Purdue University, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – OEGlobal)

During the visit, we’ve learnt different innovative models, strategies of improving student engagement, advocacy of open education, and digital technologies to connect learners across the world. The delegations deeply realize the importance and possibilities of open education to promote digital learning. We look forward to more opportunities for exchange and learning with these institutes in the future, and jointly promote the development of open education and digital learning.

Thank James (@JamesGG ) and Igor (@igorlesko ) for the suggestion and arrangement of the trip. Thanks all the leaders of the visiting sites. Your works are amazing!


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Love that you were able to make it across, 我祝您們好休息!If any of your delegates/institutions would like some help bringing their OER into OER Commons, let me know – I’d be happy to help out. We’re always on the lookout for more materials, and especially materials in languages other than English!

Peter Musser, Head of Library Services
ISKME / OER Commons

And thank you @Peter for joining OEG Connect, and I agree that we ought to send as many as we can to the OER Commons.

I’d like to speak you more about perhaps integrating Open Education Week and OER Commons and/or perhaps organizing a webinar/webcast conversation on the “state of all the OER Commons”

Indeed, I agree that we are pleased to see the connections between our members that @wanhsu1234 describes in her post- representatives from the Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium (TOCEC) have been so active in OEGlobal’s events especially notable at the 2023 conference in Edmonton.

I look forward to hearing what kind of collaborations arise from the connections made on these visits.