:sync: Designing learner centric MOOC: Design learning experiences and its pedagogical organization

Authors: Mahesh Koltame, Ganesh Chavan
Institution: PVDT College of Education for Women, SNDT Women's University, Mumbai
Country: India

Topic: Innovation through MOOCs practices
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Workshop


While offering any MOOC designers face some common challenges like lack of learners’ motivation to engage themself in MOOC, to make learners active, to maintain their interest to achieve course objectives and low course completion rate. These all are global issues. To overcome these issues and challenges we need to think seriously about ‘Learner Cantered learning experiences and it’s pedagogical organization’. In designing MOOC developers should give more focus on designing interactive learning experiences rather than throwing digital content. This workshop will enable the participants to design cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning experiences at personal and social level of learning. Through this workshop participants will explore how to design Micro and Macro level student centric learning experiences. Through this workshop participants will explore personal level Micro and Macro students cantered learning experiences. Micro level learning experiences such as games, puzzles, digital reflection spots will be explored. Whereas from Macro level learning experiences participants will explore assignments, quizzes, projects, virtual field visits and reflection with focused questions. Along with personal level experiences social learning experiences will also explore through this workshop. Within these social learning experiences Collaborative learning experiences: Co-creation task, collaborative projects, collaborative assignments, brainstorming, concept map designing, SWOT analysis, discussion forums, peer reviews and Community inquiry learning experiences: case-based inquiry, problem-based inquiry, interviews, simulations will be explored. With these specific learning activities MOOC designers and developers should think and design some non-formal sharing space and warm up activities. The expected outcome of this workshop is participants will design small scale personal level and social level micro and macro student centric learning experiences for MOOC as OER. Participants will come up with applicable solutions on given designing issues and challenges based on brainstorming activities. Participants of this workshop will equip their digital pedagogical skills.


Learner Centered MOOC, Micro Learning Experiences, Macro Learning Experiences, Social Learning Experiences

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