Do you know if any Niche / Specialized Open Licensed Media Collections?

Sure we might turn to searches in Unsplash or Pixabay or Pexels or Wikimedia Commons to find open licensed photos/images (we hope you know about those), but there is a wide universe of more specialized collections or ones focused on a specific discipline. Do you know of any?

It would be interesting (to me!) to see examples of ones this community might know about and make regular use of. I thought of this over one of those random stumbles thatr I came across smart (Servier Medical Art) a collection of medical images (for diagrams) available all by a Creative Commons CC BY license. You can browse by medical categories (e.g. Nervous System) or just search.

Here, for example is a diagram for the functional areas of the brain.

Colored diagram showing the functional areas of the human brain

This could be useful for a lesson diagram or maybe to build an interactive activity in H5P. Images can be downloaded in web ready PNG or also high resolution vectors in sets as Powerpoint slide format.

What are some of your lesser known subject specific media collections that are useful?

For a related effort and useful media sources, see

For climate change photos, especially human impacts and adaptation, Climate Visuals has some good stuff. It’s CC mixed in with other rights-managed ($$) content, I think you have to start a search and then filter to just CC license.

Thanks Curt! I like how the photos are organized by principles like “Show real people not staged photo ops” and are less “stock” type. I came across a number that were identified as Creative Commons but not specific licensed.

And this is exactly what I hoped for, a powerful niche site with topic oriented imagery.

There is a collection of CC licensed images relating to Materials Science and Engineering on flickr here: CORE Materials. These were created by the CORE Materials Project at the University of Liverpool, which was funded by the UKOER Programme way back in 2009!

The Interactive Content Team at the University of Edinburgh also creates lots of fabulous open licensed images, which you can find on Flickr here: Interactive Content.

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