Elements for an Open Researchu

Hi, I would like your guidance to understand:

  1. which are the elements to look for in an Open Research?
  2. Looking forward to participate in an OR related to teaching training competencies through technology tools.



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Welcome to OEG Connect and thank you for opening with questions! I do not have answers myself, but we have hundreds of practitioners here with experience.

One group that comes to mind that might help is GO-GN or the Global OER Graduate Network so I will ping @BeckPitt @MWeller to maybe see if some of their network can offer suggestions.

I hope we can get some responses to your question.

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Oh, that would be great!

My question is because in my city I am alone and hopefully being part on a network or to participate in a open research I could improve my skills and provide my experience too.
Thank you!

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Hello Angemtzm.

Following on the earlier response. The GoGN folks released a research methods handbook last summer that received an Open Education Award of Excellence.

Hope that helps!


Hi @angemtzm,

  1. I would look for the open resources that would allow me the flexibility to contextualize the resource- by way of modifying, adapting. I would look out for resources without an ND (non-derivative) mark.

  2. We should collaborate more and shout to all these wonderful people who are always willing to extend a helping hand.

There’s a fair bit in the sciences, e.g.


And some thoughts about connecting to the digital humanities field