:sync: Empowering Educators Through Flexibility: Remixing Digital Content with LabXchange

Authors: Martin Samuels, Pierre Noro, Jessica Silverman
Institutions: Harvard University / LabXchange, SciencesPo Paris / LabXchange
Countries: United States, France

Topic: Technologies for Open Education
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Workshop


The internet presents many new opportunities for science education, but many online learning platforms are built on a broadcast model, with little interactivity or room to experiment. This approach is not sufficient to create true access and agency in online education. As COVID19 further broadens the opportunity gap for learners worldwide, access to flexible, high-quality and hands-on learning experiences are vital to achieve equal opportunities for success.

LabXchange, the free online education platform created by Harvard University with support from the Amgen Foundation, leverages the Open edX infrastructure to create a next-generation online learning experience. The platform brings together digital content from the world’s leading science organizations and gives educators and learners alike the opportunity to explore, share, and connect.

Using resources from the public library or assets that they upload privately, LabXchange users can create and share customized learning pathways. Learners and educators alike can then share their academic and research accomplishments and engage with an intergenerational learning community.

During this workshop, educators will explore LabXchange functionality first-hand by navigating platform resources from educator’s and student’s perspectives. The session will conclude with discussion and resources around classroom implementation. After the session, participants will be ready to use the free LabXchange platform to broaden their students’ engagement with science. Participants will also learn how to use platform tools to track student progress so they can use classroom time more effectively. Regardless of where students start, LabXchange can help them develop basic lab skills and expand their understanding of cutting-edge scientific concepts.

We will also discuss the opportunities for scaled innovation presented by this unique educational methodology, and approaches to building greater access and inclusion in science education. Together, we will brainstorm the potential of free, interactive and open learning resources to foster a new generation of scientists who will champion networked, collaborative, and science-based approaches to global challenges.


Pedagogical Resources, Science Education, Online Education, STEM Education, Inclusivity, Interactive Resources

We are super excited to have the opportunity to meet with the Open Education Global community!
If you want a head start on the content of the workshop, you can of course play around on the LabXchange platform.

Feel free to prepare as many questions and feedback as you want! It will be our pleasure to answer them during the workshop :grinning:

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If you want to learn more about the use of open education resources for science learning in French, we also recommend you to check out this webinar, also featuring the awesome Sophie Jequier from UNISCIEL.

This workshop was part of the French-speaking OEG pre-conference put together by @PerrineCoet :fr:.

Recording of the workshop:

Thank you @Mario for sharing this and @LizYata for your help making this nice workshop possible!

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