ENCORE+ OER Innovation Survey

Hi all!

Just a reminder that the deadline for contributions to the ENCORE+ OER Innovation Survey is fast approaching!

We’re trying to build a meaningful collection of case studies that examine the relationship between OER and innovation. This is important work because very little research has been done in this area even though OER are accepted as an innovation and a faciliator of innovation culture.

We’ll also be using results to inform our Evaluation Framework for OER Innovation in ENCORE+.

Because the focus is innovation we are very keen to receive contributions from OE Global award winners/nominees and other open education leaders.

The deadline is being extended to 5th December 2022

Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed - we are pleased to promote, amplify and learn from your work!

Please note that incomplete responses can’t be used, and because of changes made to the JISC Online Survey system we can’t access the incomplete data to see who provided it. If you’re unsure whether your response was complete get in touch!

See more on the background to this survey at:

Presentation on the topic from OE Global in Nantes:

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Thanks for the reminder and extension, Rob. We are encouraging as many as possible here to contribute to this important research.

I will try an incentive here (a cheap trick if you will)- either reply with a confirmation you have responded and / or persuaded a colleague to respond to the survey OR at least use the like button on Rob’s message with the Green Check emoji :white_check_mark: — you just might earn a Connector Extraordinaire badge!

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I have nudged our national leader in OER at the Tecnológico de Monterrey to have her answer for us.

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You asked for it @RobertFarrow your survey got SPLOTted! like a #SquarePegInRoundSurveyHole

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Many thanks to all for their contributions!

Please be aware the survey is closing soon, so today’s the day if you were meaning to contribute a case but hadn’t got around to it yet…