Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion - A Place to Share

As we celebrate Open Education this week, I’ll share some resources that I’ve gathered. Let’s use this space to share our discoveries, our struggles, and our celebrations.

From Open Ed 2020 (Add your own favorites!)

Open Educational Resources as Tools to Foster Equity

Libros en Español: Creating Language Equity through Open Education

Equitable Emergence: Telling the Story of “Equity Unbound” in the Open

Opening a Space and Place for #WOCinOER: Stories, Experiences, and Narratives

OER and Open Pedagogy in a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning

Oh wE aRe in the Dark! [OER in the Dark!] Reconnecting Learning in Disconnected Spaces

Bringing Racial Justice to Affordable Learning at Ohio State

Thursday Plenary: Dr. Jacquelyn Meshelemiah & Jessie Loyer (Applications of Social Justice in Open Education)

Links shared in chat during Jan 22, 2021 OFAR webinar

CCCOER Inclusive and Equitable Practices Materials Recommendations

From OE Global 2020 (Add your own favorites!)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Latin America in the Context of an Open Education Initiative

Scribbling in the Margins of the Scholarly Communication Notebook to Build a More Global Community of Open Educators

When Openness Excludes: Strategies for Equitable Open Pedagogies in Diverse Contexts

What are good resources for finding diverse images of people?

I will be adding links to a few of my favorite websites below.

What are your favorite resources?
What are your struggles? What have you found to be thoughtful and helpful?

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Oh this is an excellent activity, LoriBeth, thank for getting this started. A few specific resources I found in my pinboard bookmarks, two related to mapping:

Who Maps the World (Bloomberg City/Lab) Do we consider inequities in map making? Answering the title “Too often, men. And money. But a team of OpenStreetMap users is working to draw new cartographic lines, making maps that more accurately—and equitably—reflect our space.” this article describes efforts to collaboratively make maps via OpenStreetMap to make them more equitable.

Inequailgram a project that analyzes millions of images of major cities to understand what they tell us about inequality in places like New York, Bangkok, Sao Paolo, or London. “The inequality of locals’ Instagram sharing turns out to be bigger than inequalities in levels of income, rent, and unemployment. The inequality of visitors’ sharing is larger than income inequality in the most unequal countries.”

And just because I like tracing the origin of things, I loved “The Evolution of an Accidental Meme” the full story by the original artist of the graphic of kids on boxes peering over a fence to see a baseball game, used to demonstrate Equality vs Equity

And also a strong recommendation for the Equity Unbound project http://unboundeq.creativitycourse.org/

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Hello LoriBeth, what an amazing list and I wanted to share the Open for Anti-racism program that is being co-lead by CCCOER and College of the Canyons which is providing professional development to faculty to use OER and Open Pedagogy to make their classrooms antiracist. The blog includes interviews and reflections with the course developers.ofar 250x170 center

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Also wanted to share this webinar featuring two professors who have contributed to the research of open content and open practices in the classroom to impact equity, diversity, inclusion. Integrating Anti-racism Pedagogy into your Classroom.Jan 22 OFAR Integrating Anti-racist Pedagogy into Your Classroom