:sync: Scribbling in the Margins of the Scholarly Communication Notebook to Build a More Global Community of Open Educators

Authors: Will Cross, Josh Bolick, Maria Bonn
Institutions: NC State University, University of Kansas, University of Illinois
Country: United States

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Workshop


One of the most exciting aspects of open education is the opportunity to rethink teaching and learning in ways that center care so that our pedagogy can build sustainable communities, participatory practices, and civic engagement. As DeRosa & Jhangiani (2017) have observed, “embedded in the social justice commitment to making college affordable for all students is a related belief that knowledge should not be an elite domain. Knowledge consumption and knowledge creation are not separate but parallel processes, as knowledge is co-constructed, contextualized, cumulative, iterative, and recursive.”

As librarians and LIS educators, we believe that same commitment applies to teaching and learning about scholarly communication - a field that is also animated by an ethos of care and social transformation (Inefuku & Roh, 2016; Baildon, 2018). In order to put these values into practice, we are developing an openly-licensed textbook with the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) to be released in 2021. We have worked hard to bring in diverse voices and perspectives throughout this project but we recognize that any static text is necessary hierarchical and limited. In order to open a door to the multiplicity of approaches and perspectives in the field as well as center the dynamic and ongoing work of open education and scholarly communication, we are developing a companion online community hub we are calling the Scholarly Communication Notebook (SCN).

This session introduces the SCN, an IMLS funded project (LG-36-19-0021-19) that we hope will be the locus for an active, inclusive, empowered community of practice for teaching scholarly communication to emerging librarians. While we are fortunate to have funding explicitly earmarked to address issues of privilege, equity, precarity, power relations and public interest, we recognize that, as three US-based practitioners, unless we are deliberate an approach that privileges US participants is inevitable. How can we map out and give visibility to the critical component of care practices in the SCN - or any open educational project?

In this session we will create a space for participants to interact and engage with issues raised by the SCN, with a particular eye to making an open resource more globally inclusive. We will offer a guided tour of the first version of the SCN and lead a roundtable discussion to answer the following questions:

-How can we build a community that is not only open to but inviting for participants from around the world?

-How can the SCN meet the diverse needs of global learners from all around the globe and benefit from the diverse expertise of scholarly communications professionals worldwide from around the globe?

-What practices, policies, and supports are needed to make an open education community like the SCN live up to the aspiration of providing what DeRosa and Jhangiani (2017) call an “empowering, collaborative, and just architecture for learning.”


open pedagogy, inclusion, cultural exchange

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