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LibreTexts.org- Free the Textbook

LibreTexts unites students and faculty to develop a unified, easy-to-use online platform for the construction, customization, and dissemination of open educational resources (OER).

LibreTexts has been using Free the Textbook as its motto since 2018, but for us, this means more than eliminating debilitating costs for students, it means freeing curricula from the printed commercial textbook straightjacket and giving teachers the tools needed to create their LibreTexts for their courses and students.

LibreTexts is the world’s most popular online textbook site with over 2200 books across the higher ed curriculum and serving over 223 million learners. Every book can be printed at low cost. Files are updated weekly and available without cost.

LibreTexts is an online repository and a platform for developing custom OER. It features a drag and drop remixer for easy and rapid building of custom texts as well as interactive technologies that can be incorporated.

Almost all books are in English, but we have opened a Spanish language library and books in other languages are being developed by members of the LibreTexts community for their students. Books in any Unicode displayable language can be built.

LibreTexts Activities at OE Global 2023

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Visit us in our exhibition both open all three days of the conference.

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