:sync: Finding the right Online Open Courseware at the right moment: The OCW Recommendation Engine

Authors: Ewoud de Kok (CEO and Co-founder)

Topic: Sponsor Session
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus:
Session Format: Presentation


Sorting out course-compatible materials from the vast online sources is indeed an extremely overwhelming and time-consuming task for any teacher or instructional designer. Co-created by TU Delft and MITx, FeedbackFruits Open Courseware Recommendation Engine research project aims to address this challenge.

In this session, we’ll walk you through:

  • Introduction to FeedbackFruits and our Edtech Dotank projects
  • General operation of the OCW Recommendation Engine, how the tool harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable quick access to the best open source study materials based on existing course documents


open courseware, course design, elearning

Thank you for attending our session, it’s great to be a part of OEG2020! We’re looking forward to continuing the discussion here and hearing your thoughts on how to improve our project. You can also reach out to our CEO Ewoud de Kok via ewoud@feedbackfruits.com.

A small note that I want to add: our priority as FeedbackFruits has always been supporting like-minded educators and driving pedagogical innovation. The Open Courseware Recommendation Engine is not live at the moment as Ewoud mentioned but we’d like to encourage you to have a look at our other solutions that might be interesting for those who are looking for active course design solutions, and OEG2020-special offer if you’d like to test them.

Recording of the session :video_camera: