First News Here! OEAwards Opening and What's New for 2023

It’s time to start the cycle again for the OE Awards for Excellence, the 2023 version. And the community here in OEG Connect is the first to hear of it (“ahhhhh”).

We want to make this space again a place for people to ask questions about the program, process, but also, and more interestingly and inline with a theme this year, to be Inspired by previous winners… look soon here for a series of posts hopefully from previous winners.

Much more information follows, but the key details for now is that the nominations open May 15, 2023 and remain open through June 30, 2023. We encourage you to be thinking of people and projects worthy of this recognition.


What to Know?

If you are not familiar with the program OEGlobal has run since 2011, we have the appropriately named About page.

Get Inspired!

Thats right! With 211 people, projects, and organizations awarded this recognition since 2011, we have a many ways to generate ideas for your own nominations.

Look for inspiration in the awardees of 2022 and 2021, the entire OEAwards archive (aka the Hall of Fame, where you can find award winners by year, category, etc), the voices of previous winners from the OEG Voices podcasts, or the ten year retrospective of the OEAwards.

And if you enjoy serendipity, just follow this link (or click it many times) to see a randomly selected past award winner.

Categories for 2023

Woah, there are 4 awards in each of the 4 main categories (People of Open, What We Share, How We Share, and Special Awards) making for… yes, do the math, 16 different awards. What category should you use? Or what category inspires you to think of something or someone to nominate?

That’s why we built the new Category Explorer for you – along with the descriptions of each category, each includes, again, and Inspire Me button which takes you to the Hall of Fame to see examples previously awarded in that category.

We have a new “Wildcard” category too, just in case you have an idea that does not fit in the other 15 ones.

Your Guide is Here

We organized new for this year a handy guide for the nomination process, that lets you know what information you will need, including new, copiable Google Docs templates that can help you organize the information needed for a nomination, before you are looking at the web form.

Of course, if you are familiar with the OEAwards nomination form, you can just go directly there (it is very similar to last year’s form).

What and When?

See the latest updates and the timelines in Everything to know about the 2023 Awards

Questions? Comments?

Just reply below! Thanks for making 2023 another fantastic year of recognition for excellence in Open Education around the world.

It’s official! OEAwards 2023 says “We’re Open” for this year’s nominations.

Open! (for what?) flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Of course, there is plenty of time to ponder who/what you might nominate (get inspired by previous awards), explore an appropriate award category, prepare your nomination information, and click the nominate button.

We’re open now through June 30, 2023.

It’s been a full day, since we opened. Who is thinking already about a 2023 Nomination? C’mom, someone out there must be pondering… (Alan is eager for the form submission notifications)

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6 nominations already in, there is room for a kazillion more. Surely you know of a person organization, project deserving of recognition for the contributions to Open Education (and yes, you can do a selfie-nominate your own project).

Are ready to be part of the process to identify the best of Open Education in 2023?

:footprints: :paw_prints: :footprints: :paw_prints: Walk this way to start a nomination