FMA + CC = Open Licensed Music Joy

Since it’s WFMU days I’ve been a long time fan and user of the Free Music Archive (FMA) for finding creative commons licensed music for projects. We have made use of FMA to use as intro/outro music for the OEG Voices podcast.

From the recent Creative Commons 20th year celebration, we shared the curated music list made for this event. This is in fact part of a part of FMA where organizations or those with specific interests, can create Curator areas that include playlists of FMA music, podcasts, and blog posts. See the Creative Commons FMA Curation

I’ve been in communication with them recently, and they are introducing a number of features possibly of interest to educators. Well, actually I wrote to them to ask why the playlist of music we have used for our podcast saved as a Mix List is not public – and thankfully I heard back quickly that a request was in to the “Chief of Noise” (their tech lead) to make this an option.

But we were also offered a Curator page for OEGlobal and I am looking forward to setting that up. Interestingly their Head of Community relations reported that the leading user of FMA was “Filmmakers, Podcasters, Vloggers, Educators, and Students” and shared an FAQ for Educators.

We appreciate this support from FMA, and if you contact them they seem open (!) and interested in offering more Curator pages.

Where do you turn to for open licensed music? We asked this a while ago, and I just updated the list (also made this post an editable page so you can add sources)

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Consider this a semi-unofficial launch announcement! OEGlobal now has it’s own Curator page at the Free Music Archive

So far we have:

We are not quite sure what we will post in the future. We can curate collections of FMA tracks, but also make informational posts. I would love to share examples of how FMA music is used in open education projects.

Do you have ideas?

What a great initiative Alan, thanks as ever for blazing a trail :heart_eyes:

I’m picking this up again! Does anyone make use of Free Music Archive content in open education work?

Or more generally what ways are you using music as OER? Have you explored openverse?

Openverse, the gowing evolution of the original Creative Commons CC search, has reached a high water mark of indexing 800,000 audio files (music and sounds) searchable by keyword, all licensed creative commons