Where Do You Look For Open Licensed Music?

Let’s say you are working on a media project, maybe even planning a podcast (hint) and need some good background or music. Where do you go for open licensed music? Especially with a global / international focus?

Open music: is it viable? flickr photo by opensourceway shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

I have a few sources from an old project but bet there are some much better ones.

Thanks for your suggestions.


That’s a nice list of sources… If you want to add a “dramatic” touch. Moby has a catalog of his music. It’s meant for student filmmakers, but anyone can use it for non comercial use.


Thanks Mario!

Just because you suggested it I went through and will try the “We Start” track. They are a bit dramatic/dark but this one has a good steady beat. That’s quite an application to get a download, wish us luck.

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We are taking suggestions for instrumental tracks that would work for intro/outro tracks for a new podcast OEG is developing, maybe something with 20-30 seconds at least of something with a regional or world flavor? We are looking to use different music for each episode.

Suggest something, and we give the artist/source credit as well as you too for suggesting!

For example, I never had used Purple Planet before, their tracks are available under CC-BY. I sampled a few listed under “international” like “Mongolia”, “Serengeti”, “El Toro”… they are okay, but feel a bit… cliché?

Help us find great world music tracks!

That’s an extensive list.
I also like Bandcamp https://bandcamp.com/tag/creative-commons.

Here’s an interesting interview of OneManSymphony describing their release of 174 songs on Bandcamp https://www.reddit.com/r/Filmmakers/comments/hrltho/ive_composed_174_songs_and_sound_effects_and/

I’m thinking “open music” ought to be one of the activities we explore on the informal connect days of our OEGlobal 2020 conference.


Thanks Paul, that’s great to know Bandcamp has a CC collection, there’s much to explore there.

Maybe as an activity we can have some collaborative music creation with something like Audiotool or Soundation that allows people in different places to put together studio tracks via a web interface.