Ground Truthing Reusability and Offline OER

Drawing upon my years of university study in Geology and plus research in remote sensing, I am thinking of the process of understanding earth science from a map or satellite view coupled with what one sees out in the field, up close, with a rock hammer and magnifying lens. The things we see on the ground (ground truthing) are needed to inform, refine the larger view.

I’m excited to see the opening statements for this Three Day Focus by @wernerio @opencontent and @vahidm and as well that @Mackiwg has already responded. These are broad, important, and yes, arguable ideas we hope to have conversation around.

At the same time, I am eager to understand better through examples how the paradoxes, the offline oers, the reuse, the curricular alignment - what does it look like?

So for @wernerio - what are the school situations where the work you have done to bring the OERs via Kolibri Studio and this aligned curriculum? How do the teachers/students use it? Where? What’s required?

And for @vahidm how does this platform for Offline OER work? What is involved? What is required of students? teachers/ What does their experience look, feel like? How does Kolibri studio work?

And we need a question too for @opencontent ! With all of this thinking, are we still making somewhat informed, but still guesses at what reuse looks like? Will we ever know it’s extent out there, on the ground?

This concept of Offline OER is of high interest, we have had a bit of discussion here before, but that usually focuses on the platforms, tools. How does it work for the intended learners and teachers? Where is this happening?

This is also meant to show participants here that you do not have to stay in one topic thread… Please feel free to also start your own topics here

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Here at the OER Foundation, we’re also interested in this question. We are keen to experiment with a WordPress MultiSite image for COL’s Aptus device. This would enable learners to access WordPress online courses, off the grid via local wifi without incurring data charges. This would enable reuse and remix of all OERu content in remote locations.

With apology - I’m a dreamer :wink:

I’m part of piloting the Digital NWT Nimble community networks. Would love to take it to a new topic here. Or should I respond on the April “Internet w/o Internet” discussion.?

Oh I’m interested in that (as you read). It can go anywhere! Either the April thread or start a new one, maybe here OEG Practical - OE Global Connect

Thanks Jim

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