I'm Alan Levine. Ask Me / Tell Me Anything About Using H5P in 2024

I’m rebooting a topic set up two years ago for Open Education Week as a fresh new version for 2024, that older topic will be archived to make space for fresh discussion here.

While my cooking skills with H5P might be rusty I am still a huge fan of it as a model vehicle of OER. Plus there are many more experts floating around here in OEG Connect. To recap:

Well, I might not be able to answer everything about H5P, but I know where to find answers and other experts. For 2 years I provided support to a BCcampus supported project where grant-supported faculty added H5P interactions as practice exercises to open textbooks – via the “H5P Kitchen” (ask me about the metaphor!)

There are a few new content types out since then (has anyone explored the Game Map? I am intrigued). Ask me about content types, where to find examples, how to reuse content, and anything else. H5P has shown a renewed community interest-- see the buffet of monthly webinars offered in 2024. There is likely a bit of potential, interest and experimentation with using generative text AI to create H5P?

l can almost guarantee I do not have most answers, but I will pursue them! I’m more interested in creating connection for people here with interest/experience working with H5P. And also, to ideally generate interest in other people launching their own askmeanything topic.

Okay, it’s your turn… hit the reply button and ask / tell me about H5P. I love cooking with H5P. Who else here does?

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Hi Alan,

I’d greatly appreciate your detailed help!

  1. I want to work / create my course content using Agamotto so that the content is PRIVATE and NOT ACCESSIBLE to anyone else while im creating. How can this be accomplished (please tell me like Im five, I have zero ability for programming or coding)

  2. Is there a way to customize the slider bar on Agamotto so that instead of just going horizontal I could make it into a path that I choose (like 4 directional?)

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi John, Thanks for joining in here and posing your questions.

The first question sounds related more to where you are creating your content, you mentioned courseware so perhaps you are working in a course management system. It would help to know where you are creating H5P content and then where it gets used online.

The visibility of your H5P depends on where it’s added to your content, in nearly all cases your learners do not access the H5P content directly, it exists like a self contained piece of media, like an image. Its visibility is when it’s added to a web page or part of a course module.

If you want to just practice or create H5P content one option is the stand alone desktop editor from Lumi https://lumi.education. Anything you create can by saved as a .h5p file which can be uploaded/imported to any place you use/create H5P.

As far as the Agamortto content type it does not do what you describe. It’s not really navigating on an axis, it’s really a means to organize a series of images that can be seen on a slider interface. If you wanted to show a different “direction” it would have to be a second Agamotto, and if movement was needed to seem like it was in the y axis, the images would need to give that sense. This could be a case where combining them together in a column type might help.

This may not be useful, again it would to understand what you are trying to visualize or achieve.

If you are wanting to have a series of interactions in 4 directions, the new Game Map might be of use.

Hi Cogdog,

Thanks so much for replying!

I really am only interested in the Aggammotto function as I’ve described for my project. I am aware it does not function as I’ve described, but if I could find a way or a modification to make it do so it would be unbelievably helpful.

Let me say a bit more as I realize my first post is a bit vague -

I don’t really care about where it gets integrated right now, Im just trying to build a mock up proof of concept to hand off to a developer / programmer (i don’t even know enough to know the right person I would be hiring - please excuse me I know absolutely NOTHING about programming / coding / developing etc) /

I wanted to construct the following -

  1. The aggammotto function as in H5P (specifically images being displayed in a window at each tick mark / interval along a slider bar path)

  2. A customized slider path (more specifically - a flowchart that I can add as many major and minor “intervals / stops” to display images at each one of them.

I understand that H5P does not offer such a feature / thing. The reason I am asking and referencing about H5P in this forum is because the aggammotto tool is the ONLY thing I coudl find online that fits what I need to work with. So it is essentially a starting point - and it works well for demonstrating one thing - but I I need the same functionality but to have the ability to go through a flowchart path with the slider.

What I would love some help with is if there is a way to accomplish this in another software or if there is anything like this you are aware of (templates / existing framework ) or if you could even point me in the right direction of anytihg that you know of.

I appreciate your suggestion of the game map - but Im not interested in text testing at this time and the project i am working on relies HEAVILY on images being displayed.

Any help or advice - and i mean ANY because I know what Im trying to accomplish but am also aware that I don’t even know enough to know the right questions to be asking im sure - would be awesome!

THanks so much for taking your time!