New Series of Webinars from H5P in 2024

Some news for those interested in / using h5p is this announcement of a webinar a month in 2024 from the makers of H5P

The use of H5P is growing rapidly around the world, and we are thriving as a community. We have millions of H5P authors that create fantastic interactive content every day. New talented authors with various experiences join the community every day, and there is a need for inspiration and upskilling. The H5P Core Team has made a series of webinars, one webinar for each month in 2024. Each webinar will be run live and at two different times in order to cater for time differences.

The first six are announced, with the first one at the end of January with founder Svein Tore Griff-With on “H5P’s vision and 2024 focus” (see also the post on The H5P Core Team’s focus in 2024.

Again on Alan’s list of things to do is to try and coordinate a working/interest group here in OEG Connect.

I tuned in to the first webinar, where Svein Tore laid out an overview of H5P’s evolution and a “road map” forward that included key elements of improving their communications and connections to the community, especially ones outside of the circles. The H5P answered many questions shared from the audience.

Likely a recording will be added soon and you can find the full series of these 2024 webinars at

As a quick note, Svein Tore shared a hint of how AI will be integrated (?) into the development of question types.

The examples shared at demonstrate how one can do that now, by prompting ChatGPT with a quiz subject like the Northern Lights, and a specification of how the results should be formatted to work in H5P now. You can try this yourself, by copying the prompts, changing the subject. (Note I have yet to try this, if someone does, please share)

For example:

Tip 3: Chat GPT to H5P Drag the Words

The below prompt may be used in Chat GPT to create a Drag the Words. Words in bold should be replaced with your preferred subject and preferred number of paragraphs and droppables:

"Create an H5P drag the words task about the northern lights. Include three paragraphs and 3 - 7 droppables per paragraph. Add explanations. Here is the format you need for follow:

Droppable words are added with an asterisk (*) in front and behind the correct word/phrase.
You may add feedback for each droppable to be displayed when a task is completed. Use ‘+’ for correct and ‘-’ for incorrect feedback. Feedback should be enclosed between the two asterisks along with the droppable word itself.
H5P content is interactive+Correct! H5P is all about interactive content.-Incorrect, H5P is actually all about interactive content. and can be used to share rich content between websites.

Do not add any labels, formatting or numbering. Output the answer as preformatted code."

The results, if suitable, could be inserted into the the Text area when editing a Drag the Words content type.

Also, there was a detailed demonstration of the new H5P Content Type, Game Map (developed by @otacke) which should be available now in any H5P editor.

Think of it as a Hotspot type activity, where the spots are not just pop up info, but can include H5P interactive activities, AND you can create a sequence of tasks/activities that learners must travel through, optionally is a specific order.

An activity on a world map with images of animals, a start point is labeled at the top with a series of nodes meant on a path around the world

While modeled after a computer game, one might start thinking how it could be used on a diagram of human anatomy, a book shelf for a resource learning activity, and hopefully you can tihk of more.

See the Game Map for demos using the solar system and animals around the world (shown above). See Oliver’s blog post for more details and examples.

How might you use this kind of activity?