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Marian Wan (Taipei Medical University)

During the past decade, there are 2 different major directions in the field of Open Education Resources (OER), to make them or to use them. While many institutions are producing and achieving the OERs, they also try to promote the usage of their OERs. Then, there comes some important questions. How do we measure the usage of OERs? How could we evaluate the importance of OERs? Is there any easy-to-adopt guideline for using OERs in a course? In the previous conference, we occasionally saw someone introducing utilization initiatives in a great scale.

10 years ago, when I first proposed my course design with course content that was from OERs and not produced by myself. I was accused by other professors saying that I was not qualified as an educator since I didn’t produce my own content. As the year goes by, I saw a lot of OER initiatives trying to convince educators the benefits of using them in their courses. Seldom, we saw case reports from single course design that adapt OERs. One of the reasons might be these kinds of application doesn’t fit the traditional academic standards. When the OER recommendation became official, I do believe that the new mainstream will be transformed.

I have organized a new course, Practice in Educational Technology. I adopt several OERs as well as 3 MOOCs as the course content. In this presentation, I will show how the course designed and the result of course run.

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building Capacity
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Here is my presentation video:

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Hello Marian,
Great to see your video and hear how you developed the course “Practice in Educational Technology” for your students at Taiwanese Medical University. I agree with your students, you have designed a very impactful way for them to learn about different innovative digital pedagogical examples through utilizing courses available from FutureLearn, Coursera, and the Instrument Videos from Taiwanese universities. All of these offer an option for certification if students choose. You mentioned that students share reflections with other students at TMU about what they have learned in these other courses. Do you have any examples of how the students have applied the new learning in their own practice? This may happen after the course but would be interesting to know the longterm impact. Thank you for sharing!