Inclusive and Equitable OER : What does this Action Area mean to you and your work?

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What does Inclusive and Equitable OER mean to you and your work?

We all work in and around Open Education. What happens as a result of the UNESCO OER Recommendation affects all of us.

This conference is dedicated to hearing from experts, but there are many voices, opinions, and experiences that have not yet been heard. Whether you are a presenter, an attendee, or a curious observer, the conversation does not end with #OEGlobal21.

This page gives you the opportunity to share with the Open Education community, your thoughts on each Action Area.

How will Inclusive and Equitable OER impact my life

The UNESCO OER Recommendation is a dense document organized into five action areas each with its own set of recommendations. OEGlobal asked members of the community to create a short video to explain one of the five action areas and their importance to their work and open education.

Watch this wonderful example that was submitted to unpack and demystify Building Capacity..

This is an ongoing project. We want to hear from you. If you wish to add your voice to this project, find how here.

Knowledge is power

:desktop_computer: Find all the Inclusive and Equitable OER sessions at #OEGlobal21 here

:point_right: Find all background information on the UNESCO OER Recommendation here.

What do YOU think?

We would like you to share your thoughts and experiences of this Action Area. How do you do that? Click on the Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 10.37.04 button below and:

  • Tell us what you think: Express your thoughts on, hopes for, or expected impact of this specific Action Area.

  • What exists already: Share a model that you feel will help to drive this Action Area, or provide links to a good example of a project that you feel already encapsulates the focus of this Action Area. Please provide the reasons why you feel it does.

  • One image tells a whole story: Share an image* from your work or experience that encapsulates this Action Area. (*CC-licensed or self-authored images only, please.)

  • Meme the theme: If you are feeling fun, adventurous, and creative, you could “meme the theme”, creating a meme that shares your impression of this Action Area. These platforms – Canva, Imgur, Imgflip, or Livememe – provide easy ways to create them.

Here are a few questions to get started:

  • What is needed to develop a global pool of culturally diverse, locally relevant, gender-sensitive, accessible, and free OERs in multiple languages and formats?
  • How do we ensure effective, inclusive, and equitable access to quality OERs?
  • Why is this important?
  • Who does this affect?
  • What are the larger implications?
  • What is currently being done?
  • What needs to be done?
  • How can it be implemented globally?

We are excited to hear your views and ideas!