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Congreso Internacional Virtual sobre Comercio Exterior y Turismo pos pandemia de la Comunidad Andina.

Thank you for sharing this event - if my translation tools are correct, this is a free and online event addressing the post-pandemic state and opportunities in foreign trade and tourism in the Andean Community (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia). Are their sessions that are of interest to open educators?

Gracias por compartir este evento. Si mis herramientas de traducción son correctas, este es un evento en línea gratuito que aborda el estado pospandemia y las oportunidades en comercio exterior y turismo en la Comunidad Andina (Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia). ¿Sus sesiones son de interés para los educadores abiertos?

Thank you for your comment. In education we address the global classroom approach, information, knowledge and culture at a global level; Therefore, the sessions of the international event involve vital aspects of the economy of the Andean Community, which can be taken as significant situations by teachers in all academic areas, and from it guide their projections for the choice of their professions or knowledge for their learning activities.