:sync: Learnful

Author: Yasin Dahi
Institution: Learnful
Country: Canada (English)

Topic: Sponsor Session
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Open Educational Resources
Session Format: Presentation


The Learnful project (learnful.ca) is a free and open platform for authoring modular OER and building open communities to (co-)create, share, remix, and review educational content.

Learnful mixes social tools - such as co-authoring, discussions, review mechanism, meritocratic user-points system, bookmarking, and social annotations - with a modular approach to authoring OER in an attempt to create a sustainable ecosystem of creating, sharing, and remixing.

Join us in our presentation as we provide a demonstration of modular OER authoring and the social/collaborative tools.


Open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP), Higher Education, Education Technologies, OER Authoring, Open Source

Recording of the presentation:

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Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve signed up and will begin working in this space to ‘test’ out the value of this for teacher education. Will open a workspace for teacher education if anyone wants to join me in building a knowledge collection of OER.
Helen DeWaard

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