Looking for a good course on AI and (open) education

Hey everyone! I’m looking for a good course on artificial intelligence and education. Ideally, the course would include an open education perspective, and would be on the very edge of current technology. All recommendations are welcome!

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Here is an open course that we developed and just launched at the Open CoLab at Plymouth State University in NH:



Oh wow! Thank you very much! Other recommendations are still welcome… But they’d better be solid suggestions. :wink:

Hello, Vahid, you might consider https://www.khanacademy.org/college-careers-more/ai-for-education/x68ea37461197a514:ai-for-education-unit-1.

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Hi Vahid, I’ve been slowly but surely collecting OER about AI in a hub on OER Commons – both for learning about some of the more technical aspects and its uses in the broader educational context. Have a look!

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Thanks! I’m curious to see what KA is saying there. And i have to say i’d be happy to test what their Khanmigo bot can already do.

The amount of resources is impressive, even when i’m looking at 2023-24 only. Great selection!!

Hi Vahid,
There is also this very good textbook in several languages for a target audience of teachers.

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Thank you very much as well! An open textbook that’s ready to use will come in handy for my needs!

Less a course but I still found valuable for the way in which it was organized and the amount of hands on activity was the Middlebury College Digital Detox on Demystifying AI

Also found amongst my bookmarks:

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Thank you very much! These are great resources as well!