Looking for OERs on doodling

Hi all,
I am searching for OERs that can teach any of the following aspects of doodling:
a) How to pick up elements of doodling?
b) Lesson plans or activities that can integrate integrate doodling in academic subjects
Anything related to doodling.

That’s a good question, Ajita.

I found a drawing OER from LibreTexts though it looks like traditional art art approach and a few resources here Art & Design - Open Educational Resources - LibGuides at Florida State College at Jacksonville

There might be more looking at guides for Sketch Noting or Visual Notetaking. Here is a long list of links and videos from Kathy Shrock.

I might tag in @EricaHargreave as this is in her wheelhouse! Let’s find some other experts with better links than mine.

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Thanks Alan. These are great resources and quite a few of them will be useful.
Waiting for the other experts to get back on this. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it, this is an interesting TED talk about doodling as a technique for unlocking ideas.

Thank you, @cogdog, for those links to doodling related OER. I think the area of design and creativity is still to explore further in the open education world.

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