Monday Pulse: For #OEWeek 2023 Activity Ideas Beyond Webinars?

Nothing against webinars, but through the pandemic we sure spent a lot of time in those synchronous sessions compartmentalized inside the boxes in screen.

We expect a number of valuable webinars for #OEweek but also we want to know (or at least Alan does) what other formats of activities might be useful for OEGlobal to offer or the community to host? Can we go beyond the typical?

Let us know via the poll what kinds of activities would interest you, but more importantly, via a reply below

What kinds of activities would you like to participate in or better yet, host, for Open Education Week?

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We have an exciting new idea to be shared soon- an open drop in live webcast (like live radio) where we will talk about whats going on or invite anyone interested to share their work informally. Stay tuned to the OEWeek space in OEGConnect for more details soon.


This is good! I echo the sentiment of ‘overdose of webinars/sync sessions’. Yes, it is high time that we go beyond the typical.

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I’d be into a self-hosting ‘hackfest’, where we help folks set up their first self-hosted Free and Open Source Software tool to facilitate the assembly of OER using means that are consistent with the end goal.

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Yes, let’s see this happen!

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