Live Hallway Conversations

Blame Alan for this wild idea to connect our Not in Nantes participants to the conversations happening between conference sessions. We are experimenting with using Twitter Spaces for live audio connections.

Tune in to Live Hallway Conversations

We aim to bring you the voices from Nantes during coffee breaks and other times between sessions- we plan to experiment with Twitter Spaces to offer live audio channels between roving volunteers on site in Nantes and those Not in Nantes who want to listen or chime into the conversations.

Anyone using twitter (mobile or on the web) can listen to an OEGlobal22 Hallway Conversation-- note that currently speaking in Twitter Spaces requires using a mobile device.

Joining a Space

You can join our Twitter Spaces from the tweets we will send via @OpenEdGlobal or create a reminder from a link set up for the sessions below.

Joining is really as simple as clicking on a link in a tweet!

  • If you are in Nantes… Join to share what you have seen and heard at the conference or look for one of our roving volunteers who will be connected, they will be our microphones on the ground. Do you want to be a rover? Reply below and let us know your twitter name.

  • If you are Not in Nantes… Join just to listen or use the Twitter Spaces button to request the microphone to ask questions or say hello to people in Nantes. Do you want to join a session? Let us know your twitter handle via a reply below.

How this will play out may be rather unpredictable but we aim to try to bring everyone together in the Hallway conversations. The recordings from these spaces will be available at the same link.

The Hallway Conversations

  • Monday Afternoon (Nantes Time) coffee break 2022-05-23T13:30:00Z (your local time). What happened on the first day of the conference? What is exciting? How were the first sessions? How is Nantes? Ask anything.
  • :vhs: Now you can listen to the recording
  • Rescheduled to Wednesday Afternoon (Nantes Time) coffee break 2022-05-25T13:00:00Z (your local time).
  • :vhs: Now you can listen to the recording

Spawn Your Own Spaces!

Anyone can run their own Twitter Space. If you are in Nantes and feel like spontaneously sharing what is happening, open the twitter app on your mobile device and follow these steps to go live. Share your space as a tweet and include @OpenEdGlobal #OEGlobal22 so we can share.

And Because It’s During Coffee Breaks…

Show us your coffee photos!

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Can’t wait to join colleagues in Nantes on Twitter Spaces from my home office here in Austin!


Ahh, it’s interesting to see this view, as we always see what’s behind you when we are on video… Hmmm, this might be a new activity.

Nice photo, Brooklyn Bridge??

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Good eye! It is indeed.

That was rather exciting, thanks to our onsite representative @LoriBeth and assisted by @GinoFransman to bring in many voices from Nantes – and we are double pleased that we got to hear from keynote speaker @SianProctor – the recording is available

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l thought that was wonderful! Thanks for facilitating, @cogdog, and to @LoriBeth and @GinoFransman for serving as onsite coordinators. (And it was so nice of @SianProctor to join in!). Looking forward to tomorrow’s conversation.

Apologies for not hosting the planned chat today, I have been rendered ill after the first “day” working through the night (Alan is not 22 anymore!).

Nudged it to the break Wednesday before the closing session. I hope we can be there!


take care, Alan! lots of rest… and we’ll see you here again soon :slight_smile:

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Take care! I hope I can join tomorrow.

For posterity or what passes for it, I wrestled with Twitter to get archives of these conversations

And edited them into a new OEG Voices episode:

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