The Congress is Over But the AND Conference Goes On

Thanks to all who participated both in Nantes for the OEGlobal 22 Conference and those both in Nantes / Not in Nantes that joined us here.

It never has to be over :wink: so below are some key links and suggestions for take aways from this experience.

not done yet flickr photo by srqpix shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

In Nantes Conference Sessions- the discussions are open!

Find presentations in the main collection area or via the Schedules.

If you are a presenter, as many have done, please share your slides but also links and other relevant items or follow-up questions.

If you are a conference participant, please provide feedback, comments, questions via a reply.

Over 50 sessions where livestreamed and available for viewing via the Nantes Université media server - these are all the full videos for a session.

We have added embeds of all archived sessions in each presentation page under the “Watch Recording” header (these are set up to start at the time within a session that a presentation started, the web page thumbnail is always the first session), you can find via

That’s a lot of content!

We also had success with some live audio conversations between remote and in person attendees using Twitter Space during the coffee breaks - recordings are available.

See the notes (and watch if you have not seen already) from the Rewatching Party of Dr Sian Proctor’s keynote

Unconference Conversations Are Open

We appreciate the topics opened by our Not in Nantes participants, and you might find interesting subjects to respond to, e.g.

Much to do there!


We saw much activity in the Interaction Zone, all open and available for you to contribute responses. Explore

And on it goes