An Ultimate AND Conference Checklist

We are days away from the start of the conference, and there are many avenues of participation created here (maybe too many?) for both participants In Nantes and those of us Not in Nantes.

Connect to OEG Connect

Everything here can be viewed, but there is much more value in contributing to conversations here.

Say Hello (in several ways, choose your own)

Explore Presentations and Activities

See also our wayfinding guide…


Explore the Interaction Activities

See the Interaction Zone for fun and exploration activities designed to connect participants whether In Nantes or Not in Nantes, such as

See more interaction activities or create your own

Participate here and connect wherever you are following #OEGlobal22

Find your way
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:arrow_forward: In Nantes Conference Sessions
:arrow_forward: Interaction Space
:arrow_forward: Not in Nantes Unconference Sessions

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This is very helpful, Alan!