About the Interaction Zone

This space is where we blur “face to face” and “virtual” to provide activities that are available to both those In Nantes at the Congress and those Not In Nantes, participating online.

This too shall be emerging up to conference time and look for new activities in this space (and feel free to create your own- go to the Internection Zone and use that New Topic button)

  • Live Audio Hallway Conversations - Be part of the conversation, connect to your colleagues in Nantes and online using audio via Twitter Spaces, planned during break times between scheduled sessions. See the schedule of planned conversation times.
  • Conference Side Chats - We are planning to schedule informal video conversations open to anyone interesting in dropping in the studio.
  • Keynote Rewatch Together - Join us at scheduled times after a keynote session when we can watch and discuss together in a shared space.
  • OEG22 Vox Populi - Contribute your response to a common question we pose daily. For those in Nantes, look for our roving audio reporters; if you are Not in Nantes we will offer other means to share your audio.
  • Photo Sharing - we will ask for photos of your conference activity wherever you are, to be share in social media or here in OEG Connect.
  • Other Social Oriented Activities like the Postcard Remixer, coffee break photos, or How Far From/To Nantes.

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