Monday Pulse: "Hot" Topics for #OEWeek Discussion (AI generated)

Surely you all know about Open Education Week coming up March 6-10? If not, see elsewhere here in OEG Connect for info and activities already started as well and as well for the call for activities and shared resources.

We are looking to organizing some daily focus topics for discussion, reflection, etc. Because of the fevered interest in Artificial Intelligence, we went the cliché route and asked ChatGPT for suggestions.

Image generated by DALL-E 2 in response to Alan Levine’s prompt “An oil pastel drawing of a diverse group of 5 educators gathered in active discussion around a worktable plus include a robot leader” If we can we apply a CC BY license to it.

This was our question to ChatGPT…

You are planning an activity for a meeting of professionals in higher education. Generate a list of the most current, interesting, and even controversial topics related to the idea of Open Education that would start group discussion.

The first 10 are from Chat GPT, we added more options. Help us rate the ones of the most interest to you.

Select the three topics of most interest to you to engage in during Open Education Week.
  • Open Source and Open Access in Higher Education
  • The Impact of Online Learning and MOOCs
  • The Future of Campus-based Education
  • The Ethics of Educational Data Collection and Sharing
  • The Cost Effectiveness of Open Education
  • The Future of Accreditation in Open Education
  • The Adoption of Open Educational Resources by K-12 Schools
  • The Role of Open Education in Career Development
  • The Challenges of Intellectual Property in Open Education
  • The Relationship between Open Education and Equity
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence (added by a human)
  • Something Else (explain below)

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Please add thoughts, other suggestions as a reply below. How well did ChatGPT do to create these topics?


Somewhat related, interesting to see top education issues reported in Australia (hat tip to @Downes)