:async: MOOCs Help Quick Transition to Comprehensive Distance Learning: Tzu Chi University Experience

Authors: Huei-Ru Lin, Yu-Wen Huang
Institution: Tzu Chi University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Innovation through MOOCs practices
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Sustainable OER
Session Format: Poster


The severe COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is affect the development of global education, due to city lockdown and restrictions on the population movement; Most of the students can’t continue their education in school due to school closures. However, the rapid development of the Internet has never stopped. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) has a quick transition from the limitations of time and space, make distance learning more free and flexible. Make knowledge available to be preserved and transferred through ICT (Information and Communications Technology) , creating the efficient learning. The Sky Academy of the Tzu Chi University was established in April 2015. The courses include: Basic University Courses, General Education Courses, Professional specialty Courses, etc. recognized Course credits, combined with the professional knowledge and ability of in-service personnel, promote high-quality educational resources, with the goal of cultivating independent learning, deepening lifelong learning, and collecting high-quality courses. More than 47,240 people participated in the course. The Learners can plan their own learning progress according to their schedules. The online course fee mechanism is combined with inter-school curriculum and industry cooperation for talent training, and the course is developed with “micro-credits” as the development direction. Gradually moving from Liberal Education Courses to Professional Courses. With MOOCs, learning can be quickly transformed into a distance learning style, providing in-service personnel with a channel for professional knowledge growth and lifelong learning.


MOOCs, quick transition, comprehensive distance learning

MOOCs Help Quick Transition To Comprehensive Distance Learning: Tzu Chi University Experience