My Idea Corner About... the Idea Corner

While I eagerly await more idea corners to pop up the idea came to me (on a walk as they do) to create a topic about this idea. There was a name used to define this approach, but sadly it has been co-opted by a company I will not name.

So here I will return now and then to update this idea, outlined in the pinned topic that tries to explain it and the metaphor

The Relevance to Open Education…

I hope it is natural, but the idea of writing publically about one’s work, ideas, came to me in the archeo-days of the web and the excitement of blogging. Influential to me was:

But it is not the blogging part that matters, it is the practice. And I believe it can work in many spaces, but am trying to entice others to join me here.

I Will Speak Here About…

Hopefully I will be sharing when others e.g. you, the reader, maybe you might click a like button, but do more, start your own idea corner. But who knows? I will just narrate my own thinking about trying to convince others to take this on.

Note: This is one example of an Idea Corner topic - you can start your own here, just make a new topic, post, share, do something, update, repeat!