What is the OEG Connect Idea Corner?

As part of our effort to generate ideas, discussion across the global open education interests of this space, we have set up a place here in OEG Connect for interested persons to start a new topic around a specific issue, interest area, and use it almost as a blogging-like platform, or perhaps something more substantial and permanent than a twitter thread.

The idea of a corner is inspired by the well known Speakers Corner at Hyde Park in London (and other places).

A Speakers’ Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed.

See how animated this fellow is about the license issues of remixing of OERs!

Man in beret points emphatically while a crowd listens behind and in front of him, the clothing is definitely from the 1970s
Orator at Speakers Corner, London, with crowd, 1974 Wikimedia Commons photo by BeenAroundAWhile shared under a CC BY-SA license.

We had launched this concept as an experiment of the Open Pedagogy Adventure, asking community members to share projects, research they were working on as new topics, returning to post short updates, but more importantly, making it available for colleagues to engage in discussion.

For a few examples see ones started within the original Open Pedagogy Adventure:

It seemed this opportunity should not be limited to open pedagogy as a subject (although that is more about the act of being open with sharing) so by request we opened up this space within the general OEG Plaza. The Idea Corner is open!

I see this as maybe a more casual and more shared form or blogging with a conversational overlap, see

Taking Your Own Stand on the Corner

Unlike a park venue anyone can take stand at any time, and it as simple as 1-2-3.

:one: Explore. Start at the main area for the Idea Corner. Look around.

:two: Share. From the entry area , start a New Topic and announce what you hope to explore. A new topic will open with a general template, but feel free to make the corner your own. Return and reply with updates, questions, examples.

:three: Reply. Visit other topics to ask questions, offer suggestions to other speakers

What Do I Need to Participate?

To write here will need an account to log in to OEG Connect. Perhaps you made one previously to participate in a previous OE Global Online Conference. If not, you can create one right away the first time you click reply to any topic in this space.

After you click a reply or a new topic button just type in the box! This is all conversational. Reply to others, include links, media, etc.

For more help in using this space, see the OEG Connect Guide . If you need help at any time, send a message to our help team or email us connect@oeglobal.org

Visit the Corner

Start your own discussion/sharing space at the OEG Connect Idea Corner, listen and respond to others, and share widely.