Need More AI "stuff"? Ai and Academia News from Bryan Alexander

Yet one more AI link for the web pile, but knowing my long time friend and education futurist Bryan Alexander, I’d put a big recommend on his just announced AI and Academia Substack.

I have to smile seeing that photo he chose, as it is one I took of Bryan in 2007, shared openly in flickr. This was part of a gimmick I conjured at the EDUCAUSE 2007 where at the time I was working for the New Media Consortium and this was the public release of the NMC 2007 Horizon Report.

Bryan, then working for NITLE and a member of the Horizon Report board, was willing to play a Get Smart inspired entrance where he strolled in to the iconic music, and unlocked the briefcase strapped to his wrist with handcuffs to reveal the “secret” and new report.

Just for reference, according to this report, in 2007 the technologies on the near, mid, and far horizons included:

-“User-Created Content,” “Social Networking,” “Mobile Phones,” “Virtual Worlds,” “New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication,” and “Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming”

Anyhow, Alan’s nostalgia aside, if you want a informative, research based perspective on AI and Education, sign up for Bryan’s newsletter.