OE Competency Framework

Hi. My name is Lisa Young and I serve as one of the Vice Presidents of the Board of Directors for OE Global. I work at the Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. My role here is Faculty Administrator of Open Education and Innovation.

I wanted to take a moment to share one of the projects we at the Maricopa Community Colleges are working on.

The Open Maricopa Steering Committee at the Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, Arizona, USA has been working on a competency framework for open education. This can be viewed in the link below.

OER Professional Development Competencies, Version 2.0

This list of professional development competencies for open education is adapted from an original competency framework made available in 2016 by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Adaptations were based on feedback provided by the Open Maricopa/Maricopa Millions Steering Team and participants in the 2020 Arizona Regional OER Conference Leadership Summit. A draft was presented to the public at the 2021 conference for additional comment as we prepared to iterate toward a set of competencies that we might share across institutions to help support collaboration in professional development, impact measurement, grant writing, and more.

If you are interested in providing feedback, criticism, or suggestions, please reply to this posting.


Another great resource from Maricopa! Thanks for sharing @lcbyoung.

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Thank you, I will check it out.

And I am actually interested in working with you and your team.

I will really be glad if you help me through this.


Indeed, this is quite a comprehensive resource, Lisa-- and noting a bit of wonderful serendipity given it is built upon the original framework by IFADEM, (Francophone Initiative for Teacher distance Training) and our first Board View post by @PerrineCoet about OEG Francophone.

The fact that it goes far being resources to include ethics, equity, social justice, the UNESCO recommendation, the SDGs, open pedagogy, sustainability is worth applauding as well (Go Maricopa!).

I’m curious if you can say more how the framework is applied and used, or will be, at Maricopa? Obviously, it can provide guidance for planning faculty development. Is there some way this is woven into perhaps portfolio building? Performance review? program evaluation?

And also, because I’d guess you are already planning or thinking about it, is there some plans or development for perhaps micro credentials to go with the framework? Is there thought to building something that would collect the evidence for satisfying the compentencies?

I’d really like to hear others share how they might use this framework or if they have something familiar.

Maybe its worth some of us sitting down and down our own review! Thanks for sharing again, Lisa.

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Hi, it seems like an interesting task. Please, let me know more about it.
Kind regards


I think this document might be useful to some educators in Higher Ed. The vast majority of educators, though, the eighty percent of educators who are PreK-12 around the world, won’t find this very useful for their work. And, if OER is to be inclusive and equitable, the work of promoting OER must include PreK-12 educators globally.

@lcbyoung - thanks for sharing.

That’s an outstanding OER competency framework for educators in post-secondary and I commend the work and contributions of the team who pulled this together.

Speaking out loud - I’m personally concerned about the lack of authentic cooperation among institutions in the open space working together on shared OE solutions as a collective effort. In other words, how do we cross the chasm from sharing to learn → learning to SHARE.

This prompts the question of whether an OER competency framework should incorporate a cluster of competencies specifically centered around cooperative strategies for OER as an additional subheading?


Muito obrigado, vou verificar! Grato pela oportunidade

I like this idea a lot: “a cluster of competencies specifically centered around cooperative strategies for OER” and/or OEP. Actually, I think in many contexts, “learning to SHARE” is exemplified by lots of teachers and practitioners, maybe giving them more visibility would help their own institutional decision-makers realise it is a way to go? Or/also, given that we often behave as if nemo profeta in patria, looking at external examples (out of the institutional boundaries) might be quicker in being effective and might encourage them to cross those boundaries through official collaboration paths?

The Knowledge Equity Network is trying to connect some dots around authentic cooperation among institutions in the open space.

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Thank you to the team. This is very useful for all of us developing open courses on OE, OER and H5P. I will integrate this competency framework in our certification system and see how to adapt it or translate it in the context of language teaching/learning!

Thank you for sharing.
It is useful to create
competencies for course.