A OEG online community "OEG Francophone": bienvenue!

Hello everyone, I am Perrine from University of Lille (France) and since September 23 and for 2 years, president of the board with fabulous @lcbyoung and @connieb vice-presidents :). I have been in love with Open Education the day I discovered it in October 2009, 19th: it is the best way to have a huge impact on education. But it took me a while to become empowered. One step after the other, one year after the other, and I got elected as a board member in April 2020. When it became clear that the conference in Taipei would go online that year, I have asked to create OEG francophone by using the label of OEG. On November, 2020 12th and 13th, we were 57 speakers and 648 attendees : https://www.youtube.com/@oegfr/videos (thank you @romuramon for your fantastic help!).

Now OEG francophone is a network all around the world, with a monthly webinar every last Friday of the month, and a team of benevolent (3 hours a month): @catherinelachaine (U Ottawa, Canada) @jules.tchiyak (Mathematic teacher and ministry expert, Cameroun), Lucie Grasset (University of Nantes, France) and Najoua Haj (Mathematic didactician, Tunisia). And this is just the begining, as our next project is RedBay.

Curious to create your own OEG network and to know the next steps with AI and blockchain technologies? together with @lcbyoung @connieb and each board member of OEG, we are all looking forward to have your questions and reaction to these subjects as we have decided to keep your regularly informed of our activities ! Bienvenue :slight_smile:


Congratulations @PerrineCoet on the success of the Francophone network that you have grown over the last 3 years. I look forward to seeing more OEG networks grow!

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Félicitations @PerrineCoet pour le succès du réseau francophone !


Merci, Perrine for being the first in what we hope is a productive series of discussions started by board members.

Can you share what are the current topics, issues of interest in OEG Francophone? Is it AI and blockchain? What are needs you are seeing? Where should we send people to get involved?

I appreciate that you have announced some of the webinars and have made some use of the OEG Connect area we set up for OE Francophone. and not unexpectedly, I would be interested in perhaps trying to create some shared activities (a co-created webinar?), perhaps asynchronous too, we can do between OEG Francophone and OE Global.

Being curious I did some looking, is this the RedBay project you mentioned? Can you say more about it?

And what can we do tio help others create their own OEG network/node that can be connected to with OEGlobal?

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The thematics come from the community and the open education event: in August, @catherinelachaine and Melanie Brunet presented the Canadian Open Education strategy, in Relation with the organization of the OEG 23 Conference in Edmonton (inspiring also for French future strategy) / then in September had Bastien Masse from university of Nantes for creating Open Educational Ressources with AI / finally I did together with @Melanie_Pl @catherinelachaine and Melanie Brunet the summary of the ORG conference

@BarbaraClass is the next to speak this November, 24th on the first edition of the Open Education Review of the university of Geneva, Switzerland. On December 15th, we will discover the #MOOC Certice of Sandrine Nyebe and her tremendous online activities from Douala, Cameroun

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