OE Global 2023 QOTD 3: Small Acts of Sustainability

Given the conference theme of Building a Sustainable World Through Open Education and its design as carbon neutral, what are your own small acts of sustainability?

The conference site offers tips for sustainability and we’ve shared a few ideas that came up in your pre-conference OEG Live shows.

Let us know something below an action you have taken to either reduce your carbon footprint in travel or what you are doing in your own homes/workspaces? Or perhaps include some actions in your open education work, e.g. looking at sustainability of OER, aligning efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals or reducing the energy consumption of your web sites?

What are the small steps you can and do make as an individual?

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My small act has been to develop an OER called Climate change and public health under a CC licence.


Thats bigger than small, Richard! How/where will this OER be used?

Thank you, great question! At present it is part of a suite of courses offered through Peoples-Praxis where we hope to offer support to public health practitioners and researchers in the Global South to put their skills into practice and to facilitate open access publication. However, I am hoping that there will be other opportunities to make these courses more widely available.

That is wonderful! I will be sure to check it out. My small act has been to develop an OER called Telling Stories to Save the World: Climate Change in Narrative Film, also under an open license.


My tiny, tiny act has been reusing the paper coffee cup in my hotel room for 4 days (and I drink much coffee)

Photo by Alan Levine shared under a CC BY-SA license (CC for Coffee Cup?)

I have to admit as well I do a few pour throughs of these Keurig coffee pods which always seemed wasteful to me.