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Grasple - Open and Interactive Math and Stats Exercises

Grasple is a social enterprise. Our mission is to make knowledge openly accessible to everyone. So we help educators create, edit, and share open Math and Statistics exercises with everyone around the world through our user-friendly practice and testing platform.

All exercises are creative-commons licensed and curated by our team and community of educators. For this we were awarded the 2019 Award for Excellence.

Conference activities

During OEG 2020 we are hosting two activities:

Open means sharing across platforms and institutions

Lowering the barriers for exchanging and using open educational resources created in different applications is essential for Open Education.

During OEG 2020 we are hosting an Action Lab which redraws attention to this interoperability challenge. We seek to collaborate, explore, and draft a new or extended open format for interoperability of digital, interactive exercises.

Join our Action Lab if you are well-versed in the technical implementation of OER and want to contribute your expertise to make sure that all the energy that is put into OER will have a lasting impact. The overall goal is that in thirty years, we can still build on the work of the wonderful educators that are investing their time, sweat and love into creating open resources that will help students learn!

Participants will leave this session with:

  • an updated and enriched understanding of current initiatives related to open standards and interoperability.
  • a solid overview of the benefits and challenges/pain points related to open formats in general and QTI in particular.
  • satisfaction, for having contributed to a collaborative design of a new/updated open standard for interactive math exercises.
  • a way to stay engaged and/or contribute on further developments for open standard for interactive math exercises

Contact us!

Reply to this message or send us an email at hello@grasple.com if you have any questions or suggestions. We are eager to meet with you during the conference!


We just presented our 7 visual patterns of OER collaboration.
Slides can be found here:

Some of the reactions from the audience:
“Love the visualization of these patterns. Never seen that before - very effective.”
“The visual infographics are excellent. Great visual communication.”

I enjoyed your presentation today; it’s always interesting to see what you are doing in the world of open education. Thanks for sharing your time with us at #OEGlobal20!

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Thank you for the kind words Susan!
And more importantly: THANK YOU for organizing all of this together with the rest of the OEGlobal team!
When I sat on the couch after the presentations, I felt amazed that I just met with dozens of people from several continents and time-zones, all talking about how to grow open education. It was great to hear all those experiences, visions and plans.

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For a summary and the main take-away of Pim’s Stories from the Field, have a look at our blog!

How educators collaboratively create open exercises: Stories from the field

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