:async: Action Lab - Standard and Format for Open Interactive Math Exercises

Hi there!

Join this collaborative effort to formulate a common standard for an open format for online, interactive math exercises by contributing your thoughts in this collaborative design document.

Are you:

  • a math/STEM educator who wants to make sure your exercises can still be used by future generations of students?
  • a technologist who cares about interoperability?

Then please join this collaborative effort to design a standard for an open format for online, interactive math exercises so they can be more easily accessed and shared between different applications.

To join:

  1. Open this google document and contribute

    • with thoughts or ideas: write them in the document as suggestions.
    • with concrete questions or comments that you cannot answer yourself: please write them as comments. Highlight a relevant piece of text and click on the plus icon on the right of the document to add your comment or question.
  2. To create a great sense of community: please introduce yourself by leaving a reply below! briefly write who you are, where you work and why you joined this action lab.

Do you have questions about this action lab? Please read this FAQ document.
Add your question to it if it’s not there yet.

Note that this action lab is asynchronous. This means you can join anytime or for any duration between 16 and 19 november. During these days, we will jointly complete a brief review of past alternatives, summarise the lessons from the past, write requirements and formulate possible designs for a common standard.

The overall goal over this action lab is that in thirty years, we can still build on the work of the wonderful educators that are investing their time, sweat and love into creating open resources that will help students learn.

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Want to save your or your colleagues work for future generations?
Please contribute your thoughts and ideas during 16 and 19 november!
This session is centered around a collaborative design document and is asynchronous, so you can contribute anytime during that week!
A link to the document will be posted on the 16th.

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Why collaborate on an open format for math exercises?

According to Erna Kotkamp, programme manager Digital Excellence for Education:

“TU Delft finds open and accessible education of high importance and is therefore included in our strategic framework as important focus point. This also means that we need to work on making exchange educational resources as shareable as possible. As math education is an important backbone of all our education, working on a standard to easily reuse and adapt online and interactive math exercises is an important step in achieving this.”