OEG 2020 Remixer Postcard: Past Conference Memories

We’ve loved seeing all places shared in our first Remixer Postcard activity. Did you think we’d stop at one?

OEG Postcard 2: A Greeting to Conferences Past

Send a card to people you met or just the places you visited for a memorable previous conference. Offer a greeting from OE Global 2020. Share the memories! See if you can find a logo to use for the stamp, and modify the location to show where the conference was.

Remix from mine!


In August 2003 I attended the MERLOT conference in Vancouver, and presented with 2 colleagues I had worked with remotely planning a presentation. We were rather excited about blogs, wikis, and RSS! Even Stephen Downes liked it.

Brian Lamb, D’Arcy Norman, and I branded ourselves the “Three Amigos” and have enjoyed a long lasting friendship since then (no one has aged much since them either).

Comb through your memories of conference experience, and create a remix postcard to send off to those moments.

Our thanks again to @VisualThinkery for creating our Postcard via Visual Thinkery Remix Machine . Look for more to come!


The first past memory that comes to mind is meeting Gino in 2015 in Banff. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A couple of special moments from last year’s amazing OEGlobal conference in Milan – such a wonderful and vibrant city. Cannot wait to return someday and visit our friends from Politecnico di Milano

IMG_9092 IMG_9272 IMG_9302