OEG Connect! Stop This Crazy Email Thing!

We’ve been excited to see such an increase in activity here, but I have heard from a few people a request for fewer email notifications. I hope I can help. We did disable some extra notifications that were going out.

You can change your own email preferences using this link (for all logged in users it will show your own settings) – https://connect.oeglobal.org/my/preferences/emails.

Change it to theses settings and you will only receive emails in the frequency listed under Activity Summary

If you want to be notified when someone responses to something you posted or a category you are watching, set Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics to “only when away”

I hope this helps! Sorry for the deluge of emails.


Thanks for the update Alan, but I don’t mind the emails. Easy enough to handle on my end or by changing notification preferences as you outline and a sure sign of conversation in the OEGlobal community!

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I have noticed more emails, but I took it as a positive sign that there has been an uptick in the conversation on the site recently.


Great to be able to manage pro-actively, thank you Alan!

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My thoughts exactly @clintlalonde !

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Fully agreed! While “we” may not mind these notifications, it’s easy to understand that among registered users on the platform, a large percentage probably never expected to receive that many emails. Chances are, we might have ended up with posts using the same subject line @cogdog used. In the end, it might have generated rancour. (In fact, I’ve received a flurry of such emails based on an OE-related mailing-list, this past weekend.)
So this is an efficient way to preempt this type of problem.

Good job, Alan!

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The other key to managing your experience in OEG Connect is to set notification levels for specific topics or categories. Look for the Bell icon bell icon and change to get more or no notifications for activity.

For more details and me doping a fast talking 5 minute screencast, see the OEG Connect Guide section on Actions and Notifications.

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The email updates went directly into my OEG Connect folder for future review but I did manage my notifications from your post!