OEG Live: From the Conference Floor

I am hopeful we can share via OEG Live the excitement of the OE Global 2023 conference from the breaks between sessions, in the spirit of Virtually Connecting.

Old TV - Time Tunnel - Cameron Highland flickr photo by liewcf shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license modified by @cogdog with conference banner image (OE Global, CC BY) and text “LIVE”

Wifi permitting, look for our 30 minute live stream reports from the conference floor. See and hear from conference attendees and ask questions, send comments back via chat.

OEG Live at OEGlobal23 Archive




Be Part of the Show

  • If you are at the conference:
  • If you are not at the conference:
    • Watch the live stream and chat back to us
    • If you want to join us in the studio and be in the studio, reply below or email connect@oeglobal.org

Live, from Edmonton, it’s OEGlobal 2023!

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