Not in Edmonton? We have Ways to Participate in OEGlobal 2023 from a Distance

Everything is aligning for the opening of OE Global 2023 Monday here in Edmonton. While we are not able to organize an online conference per se, we are still committed to providing routes of participation, many here in OEG Connect.

Everything here is open to view, but you can join discussions, respond to posts, and drop into our open chat room if you have created or are logged in (see the OEG Connect conference guide).

The Full Conference Program is Open

All presentations and links, uploads presenters add to their sessions descriptions are public to view in the program in Sched. You can find sessions by track, format, and old fashioned keyword search. Please make use of the session links to refer to a particular session like if you wanted to ask about "College Success for Newcomers”: The Journey to Building and Using an OER a link is very helpful to others.

Live Streams of Main Sessions

All session in the two main venue rooms will be live streamed and available publicly, about 20% of the program, and includes all keynotes. You can find the live streams embedded for all sessions marked in Sched.

And we also have two viewing rooms here in OEG Connect, that have a full listing of dates/times for sessions streamed below the embedded video stream,. A reason to watch here is to chat with other views during the session. See everything available for

In Between Sessions: OEG Live from the Conference Floor

Alan Levine @cogdog will be running live broadcasts via OEG Live from the OEGlobal booth. We hope conference attendees can stop by and say hello and those not here can either watch, or let us know if you would like to join us inside the studio.

See the schedule and details OEG Live: From the Conference Floor

Open Discussions and Braiding

Look around the OEGlobal 2023 conference space here for ongoing topics related to the conference themes and sessions, join the discussions by replying or start your own topics. Explore especially the Braiding area to join the effort to weave together different sessions, ideas both at the conference and from outside.