OEG Live: OEGlobal 2023 Conference Highlights and Reflections

Hiy Hiy! A month after the end of the OEGlobal 2023 conference in Edmonton and we are still feeling the excitement of everything that happened. Join us for a look back with conference organizers, presenters, and attendees.

We are assembling a panel of conference planners and participants to surface key outcomes of the even, including key summaries from the conference survey. Find out how to use the archived presentations, recordings, and more resources to continue the theme of braiding experiences together.

Whether you were in Edmonton or not, we are asking what specifically you gained or learned from the conference experience. You can let us know in the chat while watching the stream (or the archive later). But we also invite you to reply below and share a story of your own conference experience.

And watch the live drawing of four names from people who completed the survey to see who wins free registrations for OEGlobal 2024 in Brisbane (Oy, Oy Oy).

:alarm_clock: When (in your local time): 2023-11-29T15:00:00Z2023-11-29T16:00:00Z

:tv: Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eBS1T30BhE recording now available

In the Studio…

Guest lists being finalized, stay tuned

  • Robert Lawson NorQuest College, Program co–chair
  • Connie Blomgren Athabasca University, Program co-chair and OEG Board Vice-President
  • Jenni Hayman Conestoga College, conference presenter/participant
  • Paola Corti SPARC Europe, conference presenter/participant and OEG Board member
  • Marcela Morales Organizing Team, OEGlobal
  • Igor Lesko Organizing Team, OEGlobal

Conference Artifacts

Thanks for being there or watching later our live webcast- we heard audience participants from around the world.

Thanks to our Norquest College colleagues who were with us, Dawn Witherspoon @DawnWitherspoon and Robert Lawson @rlawson780 (Robert check your calendar for mmore Wednesday meetings!). And a big thanks to Jenni Hayman @Jenni and Paola Corti @Paola for sharing perspectives as conference participants and also for being part of the prize drawing.

Yes, the random wheel picker was spun, and we will be notifying these folks that for sharing their feedback on the conference survey. The first two winners receive a free registration for OEGlobal 2024:

  • Yvonne Smith
  • Merinda McLure

And the next two winner will receive a 50% discount:

  • Stephanie Green
  • Gayle St. Denis

And we heard your idea, Jenni and will be working on a plan to have regular returns to the recorded conference sessions to stimulate continued discussion and braiding forward.

Much appreciation, and again, we welcome all to share their stories and outcomes from the conference, use that reply button here.

Also thanks @JoAppel and OERinfo for these Q&A videos with conference participants.

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Thank you very much for sharing! It was a great pleasure. Here is part 3, that we just released today: