OEG Voices 041: Gettin' Air with Terry Greene

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As part of our putting the podcast on the road series we recorded this episode at the podcast studio of Terry Greene, Senior E-Learning Designer at Trent University Online in Peterborough, Ontario. Terry is host of Gettin’ Air “The Open Pedagogy Podcast” that each week features a conversation with practitioners of “technology-enabled and open learning practices in Post-Secondary Education.” Terry describes himself as an “Enthusiast for digital, open pedagogy.” In addition to his work at Trent University, he is teaching an Instructional Design course at Lambton College. Catch Gettin’ Air live on VoiceEd radio or via podcast The Gettin’ Air…

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This is the place to ask questions directly to @greeneterry about his ideas on open pedagogy, technology enabled learning. Or more specifically, maybe ask about the impact of the Liberated Learners project.

Do you have a favorite Gettin’ Air episode? Or maybe you have not listened yet?

Start the conversations with Terry right here.

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My quick answer on a favourite episode: David Wiley | voicEd. I keep using it as a reference because it provided deep insight on a key part of the movement’s history, including the distinction between OEG (from OCW) and the OE Conf (from Wiley’s stint at USU).

As for questions to Terry… Hm…

How about:

How MIght We expand the sphere of agency for all of these people you’ve interviewed, over the years?

I’m (not-so-secretly) hoping that Greene would share valuable insight on the overall OE scene (especially when it goes beyond OER) and maybe about eventually building something of a Community of Practice.

If Laura Hilliger or Doug Belshaw were to conduct an interview on their own podcast, I’d expect an answer to lead to a working “theory of change” that we could use, together.
How badges can change the world. Part 1: The Two Loops Model for Open… | by Laura Hilliger | We Are Open Co-op

(We could also think through the lifecycle of our groups, networks, and “communities”.)

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Hi Alex! Wow that is a good, big question. I am posting this quick response to buy myself some time to ponder a response. I will ponder, and I will return to this!

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“How MIght We expand the sphere of agency for all of these people you’ve interviewed, over the years?”
I guess I think that, while my podcast hopefully serves the OE community, it is not a community or network itself. But it could serve community better by helping to loop more people into an ongoing conversation space in some way? Certainly open to ideas. This space here that Alan and OE Global have built is much more suited to ongoing conversation and network building. I am currently participating in OLC’s IELOL Global program in which we are meant to collaborate on a “change” project. My initial thought on what to do have been in the realm of building an easy to enter community of practice for the same kinds of things we are always talking about on Gettin’ Air. I hadn’t thought of leveraging my own podcast to that end but maybe there is something there.

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Useful and insightful. Thanks!
As you surmised, my HMW question was meant to generate something actionable in the context of work done @cogdog et al. to “mobilize” people in this CoP. Which is exactly what you’re providing.

There’s a sense of “usual suspects” in our scene. Especially among Anglophones in the United States and Canada (mostly BC and ON). Your guestlist expands on that, of course. And the listenership likely goes beyond that core crowd who are participants in Twitter DM threads. (Or Mastodon, for that matter.)

So… Let’s do this. Let’s leverage Gettin’ Air and this here group platform to implement meaningful changes towards openness in learning & teaching!

‘Letting Go’, United States, New York, Montauk” by WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.