OEGlobal 2021-2030 Draft Strategic Plan - Feedback Wanted

OEGlobal is pleased to release its new draft strategic plan during OE Week. We’re seeking your feedback. Here you can access, read, and comment on Open Education Global’s Open For Public Good 2021-2030 Strategic Plan.

Feedback welcome as comments on the GDoc or as a reply to this post.

OEGlobal has a number of job opportunities open. If you like what you see in our Strategic Plan come join us in making it happen. See Job Opportunities.

The strategic plan plan was developed by OEG staff and Board of Directors using a seven step virtual planning process that ran from September 2020 through February 2021. Every two weeks, one of the seven parts became the focus of deep examination with all board and staff independently completing a set of assignments and offering their input. That input was collected and reviewed by a strategic planning working group of staff, board members, and outside consultants. The working group distilled and synthesized the input and contributed their own expert analysis resulting in this draft plan.

Those of you involved in developing open education strategic plans may find the seven steps and their corresponding videos and hands on interactive activities a useful reference. Here are links (each link prompts you to make a copy of the instructions and template) to all seven steps:

  1. Open education goals and purpose
  2. Education ecosystem and integration of open education into ecosystem 2a & 2b
  3. Open Education Globals Role
  4. Structure and Composition of OEGlobal
  5. Open Education Global Offerings and Activities
  6. Open Education Global Sustainability
  7. Open Education Global Impact and Metrics