On the Fourth Day... Annotations on Building Capacity Action Area

Technically we are past the “three day” point in this effort to raise awareness ourselves of this first effort to focus on the Building Capacity Area of the OER Recommendation.

Rosa the Annotator suggested sharing some updates…

Calendar-wise and 2021 world weary-wise we knew that we might not draw a massive crowd. But the idea has been put into the open, and we did augment the OER Recommendation with a good dose of new notes. You can see track this at anytime via the “Crowd Layers” tool that offers a dashboard like view into the activity on the different language versions of the OER Recommendation.

Rosa shared these stats (and links to see the current numbers)

The Annotation Lab was open for 7 hours and we recorded some few highlights from our conversations.

You can jump to the specific portions to listen to commentary from:

What’s Next?

Nothing really ends… the Pressbook version of the OER Recommendation is available at any time for you to add notes.

We are running a 2 hour annotate together session as a live session at [OERcamp.global] 2021-12-10T18:00:00Z2021-12-10T20:00:00Z for details see A UNESCO Recommendation on OER Annotation Jam

There are many other relevant sessions at OER.camp, a free 48 hour unconference style event, including keynotes by members of the UNESCO Dynamic Coalition. Register now via https://goto.oercamp.global/

Look for a next Three Day+ Focus session in late January on the Developing Supportive Policy Action Area.

Rosa the Annotator again urges us to do it any time. Annotate and share.

We can Do It! Let's Annotate the UNESCO OER Recommendation
Remix of Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image