Open Practices and Communities


Open Education practices greatly enhance innovative approaches to pedagogy and curriculum design.

We’ll be hearing experiences in these focus areas:
:earth_africa: Professional development for Open Educators;
:earth_africa: The role of micro-credentials in Open Education and promoting SDG4: Education for All;
:earth_africa: Open Education: workforce development/training programs;
:earth_africa: Open Collaborations: Models, successes and challenges;
:earth_africa: Open initiatives in the community colleges, primary, secondary, (K-12 sectors), tertiary and professional education, gallery and museum sectors, and lifelong learning;
:earth_africa: The role of students, librarians, teachers, and leadership in promoting Open Education;
:earth_africa: Open communities of practice.

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Looking forward to sharing ideas and engaging in conversations about pathways toward open educational practices that are connecting with research and practices in ‘educommunication’. Thinking and sharing at OEGlobal, so please join this conversation. If you know what educommunication is all about, offer some insights. If you don’t know anything about educommunication, take a look at my session notes, and then join the conversation. In Search of a Path Forward: Opening Educational Practices through ‘Educommunication’ and Critical Media in Canadian Teacher Education

Thanks for sharing a concept brand new to me, and now I am diving in to learn more about ‘educommunication’

Now reading your paper’s preprint I found linked from your slides (thanks for sharing them in Sched) – noting especially the mutual relationship / and two sides of the same coin of education acts and communication acts.

Thanks Helen, I have a bit more reading to do, I hope others join in.

Hi Helen @hjdw

I wish I could be in Edmonton, I hope your presentation was recorded and will be available. You have provided us with more than a bit of reading. :wink:
Thanks for sharing.