Open Publishing Awards (Nominations Open)

We at OEGlobal believe recognition for open education is important, hence the OEAwards for Excellence now in its 10th year. The Open Publishing Awards is like our kin in recognizing projects and organizations with similar values.

The Open Publishing Awards celebrate software and content in publishing that use open licenses but also, importantly, provide a chance to reflect on the strategic value of openness.

… open means more than ‘non-proprietary’, that open is a powerful tool to build collaboration, trust, adoption, to share the cost and burden of creating these works, to diffuse innovations into the market, to learn from each other, and to improve the quality and impact of the works themselves.

This is a project of the Coko Foundation.

I found myself following a lot of links from the last set of awarded projects – see below for link and the reasons for their recognition of an Open Publishing Award:

I knew of maybe only one quarter of these, so just exploring these Open Publishing Award winners has been a valuable discovery (which only happened because I saw a link in the footer of another project by the same group, the previously shared Open Publishing Fest).