Open the Gate on Generative Video: Shall we Squabble or not?

Welcome to yet another thread of conversation about that two letter acronnym, indeed as first posed as a question of on/off the AI train, part of the fun of engaging in discussions with my good friend @poritz and seeing interest from the reply by @helen.beetham – look out, here’s more.

For those who seem to think all we talk about here is AI, please note we are also looking for you to contribute to recognition of peers via the OE Awards, there is a fruitful discussion about advancing open education via open science started by board member @rajiv, we have a request for open pedagogy activities for conflict in a communications studies, and look!-- an interesting creative idea related to alt text.

It’s not all AI all the time, but still, what can we do collectively to share how we are putting this into use, or not, in open education, grappling with the unclear challenges it brings to the way we have thought of OER/licenses/reuse, and more so, considering if we are appreciating what it means for the concept of OER as a fixed thing.

But, now its coming for the video creators. That’s been signalled for a while, most recently with just demos OpenAI shared in its someday to likely available, but still private generative aI for video thing called Sora.

I was intrigued/curious when i read a reference to something available now called Luma labs Dream Machine, I thought described as the first one available to the public to try. Then I saw an MIT tech review item in my inbox about one called “Kling” that supposedly was the first one for the public to try.

The tech is new, but arguing who was first is not. So I gave Dream Machine a spin with a prompt

Two small girls in print dresses, arguing about who was first, standing toe to toe in the floor of the Colosseum (link it on to Dream Machine)

No claims here, but seemingly fitting for Jonathan’s idea for debating. I have been asking, is a debate the format? What would be productive? It can hardly be done in a single webinar.

So weigh in on that, or what you think, excited or worried or overwhelmed on what generative video means for our work in open education. Or let us know what you have been doing in this space – I believe @sushumna was experimenting with AI generated video months ago.

Debate, argue, or what? We are curious to hear from you.

Well I tried it. It produced a really crappy short video which sort of met my criteria. But it did actually produce video, which means it can say it did it (unlike the competition).

I’m, not surprised you are the first to respond Stephen- something I learned from you is how you not only share resources and tools, but you always try them yourself.

I forgot the link, Kling is the other new player here, I have to admit seeing the splash screen, my mind jumped to it as “KILLING”, but that’s my human flaw.

It’s not unlike the first iterations of image generation as DALL-E mini, which became Craiyon, which I first used via HuggingFace. It’s gonna be a rush now to spawn more of these.